The N+1 Formula Applies to Clothing…

Oh man, I suffer from hand-wringing over purchases of expensive cycling kit and accessories all too often. I look over at my already overstuffed drawers and try to convince myself that I need something new or “different” and watch my wallet get smaller. The bloggers at Headset Press express this adroitly in their newest post, Need Vs. Want.


Reviews on the Way

Do you ever notice how reviews on kit are always positive? Maybe they pick at a point here or there but the reviewer always magically ends up saying it’s their favorite kit in the last paragraph. I never did understand that. Really? Every kit you receive is your favorite? Makes me think they have to appease advertisers or sponsors.

Every kit I review I give my honest opinion. I’m a real cyclist with a real body. Where was the honest opinion when I was wearing underwear with my chamois pad?! See, that’s why I do what I do. You need a friend to keep you in the know, on the low.

In the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing a new Velocio jersey, the Rapha Core jersey, a new DHB kit, socks, caps, and the new Giro women’s shoe.

I’m hoping to save my pennies and get my hands on the new Ella Ambassador kit from MAAP, the new Lela Rose kit from Velocio, a Cedar Cycling jersey and the new summer kit from Endo Custom Clothing via whatever company makes a women’s kit collab with them.

Always, ALWAYS open to new companies and kit so send them my way!

dhb a Go-To Brand for Women

Interview: dhb’s Product Manager on How the Brand has Become a go-to for Women


Father’s Day Sales

Fathers-Day-SaleMany brands you know and love are celebrating Father’s Day holiday and are posting sale prices and specials that we will keep track of here. Keep checking back for more updates and please comment below with additions you’ve seen.

Café du Cycliste – free socks (excluding merino) with every jersey purchase until June 19 with code FDAYSOX

Capo Cycling – 15% off with code CAPODAD16 until June 19

The Art of the Jersey

The bike culture curators of Headset Press in the UK have reviewed a new coffee table book about cycling jerseys and their history and design. UNFORTUNATELY, there is not one single women’s jersey in there. But…if you like the design and graphics of cycling kit and want to know more about what underlies the current designs we see now, then check out this book.

The Art of the Jersey book review here.

The WWT (Women’s World Tour) Team Kits

Sarah Connolly, pro women’s cycling guru/podcaster/tweeter/blogger, posts yearly about the Women’s pro and amateur team kits and how you can purchase them directly. This year is the first year for the Women’s World Tour, similar to the men’s World Tour that has been in place for years. It’s a series of prestigious one day and stage races that cumulatively add up to a winner for the season. Anyway, anyway, here’s the first post from Sarah about the pro team kits for this season.

Update as of June 7, 2016: Part 2 posted by Sarah!