High Fashion for the Bike

Otis3_web_t600Maybe not yet incorporating lycra, students from Otis Design in California were designing couture fashion for women on the bike. Personally, I don’t care to dress like Sex and the City everyday but bike fashion DESERVES an injection of more style for women, always.



Strongher: Great Kit and Excellent Mission

cycling_kit_marloes_en_annemijn_700-400Strongher is led by professional cyclists and a diverse and experienced network of ambassadors who want to connect the professional and grassroots worlds. The idea is to unify all the various global women’s cycling initiatives under a shared and common goal to continue the development of women’s cycling, giving women a stage to show themselves and getting more women on bikes. Strongher is this stage. It is one of the most unique and important initiatives in the history of the sport.

Designed by Strongher ambassador and pro Iris Slappendel. The kit is especially designed for women to help them feel confident and empower them on the bike. Combining a unique design, great looks and fantastic comfort the kit is for all occasions. The kit will help give visibility to the Strongher movement, an initiative led by ambassadors of women cycling.

Velorosa Fills the Need

View More: http://oneonecreatives.pass.us/velarosaTwo Des Moines women weren’t pleased with the selection of women’s cycling apparel so they started making it themselves.

Velorosa Cycling launched one year ago after co-owners Kim Hopkins and Lisa Carponelli say they saw a need for women’s cycling gear that fits a woman’s body.

Iowa Women Creating Cycling Apparel for a Woman’s Body & Style

That’s what I’m talking about! BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN.