Women of Altura: Changing the Industry from Within

A strong believer in Altura’s vision to provide an equal offering for women, she says: “Women are loyal to a brand when they feel like it’s working hard to do the right thing for women – we are trying to go deeper into the women’s market. Equalisation of gender is happening across all industries – but at different levels. In running it’s more equal, but cycling is on the way. Women are high achievers, they are multi taskers, and I think that’s one of the things that makes them successful. Women’s cycling is coming; in the last five years I’ve seen a huge difference. The industry is currently male dominated, and until it’s equal we will keep driving. I do believe women will become equal to men in the industry.”

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The Domestique Critique: Angeles Creative Jersey

Photo: Omnium.cc
Photo: Omnium.cc

That jersey, though. Angeles Creative is a small company from Southern California but they are making waves in a big way. The internet has fallen in love with their Spektrum collection and I have too. They are fresh off a new release of a womens-specific Cyan Shimmer jersey and the color bomb is truly epic. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Angeles Creative Jersey”

Femme Velo: women’s cycling apparel grown from the ground up | CyclingTips

Femme Velo isn’t about empowering women, because women don’t need brands to empower them. Women need brands that complement them, that fit into their lifestyle, and most importantly women need choices.

Source: Femme Velo: women’s cycling apparel grown from the ground up | CyclingTips