Women of Altura: Changing the Industry from Within

A strong believer in Altura’s vision to provide an equal offering for women, she says: “Women are loyal to a brand when they feel like it’s working hard to do the right thing for women – we are trying to go deeper into the women’s market. Equalisation of gender is happening across all industries – but at different levels. In running it’s more equal, but cycling is on the way. Women are high achievers, they are multi taskers, and I think that’s one of the things that makes them successful. Women’s cycling is coming; in the last five years I’ve seen a huge difference. The industry is currently male dominated, and until it’s equal we will keep driving. I do believe women will become equal to men in the industry.”

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The Domestique Critique: Angeles Creative Jersey

Photo: Omnium.cc

Photo: Omnium.cc

That jersey, though. Angeles Creative is a small company from Southern California but they are making waves in a big way. The internet has fallen in love with their Spektrum collection and I have too. They are fresh off a new release of a womens-specific Cyan Shimmer jersey and the color bomb is truly epic. Continue reading