WomensKit x Cub House Holiday Ride


This past Sunday we joined forces with the Cub House shop (home to Team Dream and Ringtail cycling apparel brands) to ride our local loop in Los Angeles. We had a sleepy start in the foggy morning but had a ripping good time on the beautiful climbs around Mt. Washington and Rose Bowl neighborhoods. Back at the shop we sipped mimosas while we shopped ’til we dropped. Continue reading “WomensKit x Cub House Holiday Ride”

Makeup and Cycling


At the WomensKit holiday ride this past weekend, I was asked about my makeup. If I ride 4 times a week, it’s a sure bet that at least 2 of those rides is in makeup. I ride frequently on week nights and that means riding in the same makeup I wore to the office. Has this changed my makeup routine? A little. Mostly I’ve gotten smarter about what products I choose. I think we’re beyond disclaimers like, “I’m not high-maintenance but…” or “You don’t have to choose between strong and beautiful” and can instead agree that you can be anywhere on the Face of Makeup continuum as long as you always feel like you stay true to who you are.

Here are some of my tips to wearing makeup on a ride- Continue reading “Makeup and Cycling”

Unbranded: The Story Behind The Small Sydney Startup Taking The Cycling Apparel Industry By Storm


Unbranded releases their first women’s kit, Cubic Pinkzonia.

With virtually hundreds of cycling apparel manufacturers out there one small Australian brand stands out from the crowd, not just due to its catchy name, but also its unique range of cycling wear.

Source: Unbranded: The Story Behind The Small Sydney Startup Taking The Cycling Apparel Industry By Storm – Bicycling Australia

Velocio Releases New Luxe Bib

  Here’s the thing. Within design there’s often compromise. It’s too easy to make apparel that’s a souvenir from a brand rather than a product made for a pointed use. The Luxe Bib is a reaction to that. This is a bib made without compromise and with a single goal of making the experience of riding its purest. The Luxe aims to redefine the highest standard possible for a pair of bibs.

Velocio’s co-founder and designer, Brad Sheehan, explains how the process of developing the Luxe Bib sets it apart from other bibs on the market.

Read more: https://velocio.cc/introducing-the-luxe-bib/