WomensKit x Cub House Holiday Ride

This past Sunday we joined forces with the Cub House shop (home to Team Dream and Ringtail cycling apparel brands) to ride our local loop in Los Angeles. We had a sleepy start in the foggy morning but had a ripping good time on the beautiful climbs around Mt. Washington and Rose Bowl neighborhoods. Back... Continue Reading →

Makeup and Cycling

At the WomensKit holiday ride this past weekend, I was asked about my makeup. If I ride 4 times a week, it's a sure bet that at least 2 of those rides is in makeup. I ride frequently on week nights and that means riding in the same makeup I wore to the office. Has... Continue Reading →

Velocio Releases New Luxe Bib

  Here's the thing. Within design there's often compromise. It's too easy to make apparel that's a souvenir from a brand rather than a product made for a pointed use. The Luxe Bib is a reaction to that. This is a bib made without compromise and with a single goal of making the experience of riding... Continue Reading →

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