I’ll do anything for free kit but I won’t do that… – Live In The Big Ring

Shame on Pearl Izumi…

“I am not willing to be an ambassador for a brand that requires/encourages individuals to wear colours that are assigned to them according to their gender.

People are individuals. We are not defined by gender. Yes I wear pink and I am a woman but this is a choice. Not all women wear pink, some men would like to have more choice of pink kit. Some people don’t identify by the gender they were born with, or with any gender at all! We should not stereotype and we should challenge those that do. Research shows that giving children blue or pink to wear affects how others treat them. Gender stereotypes can lead to little girls thinking that brilliance is a male trait. Over use of pink in advertising campaigns actually renders these campaigns less effective at targeting women. The cycling industry has a huge diversity problem. How are we supposed to build an increasingly inclusive cycling community when we reinforce gender stereotypes?

Gender and stereotypes are not a black and white matter. Nor are they blue and pink.”

Source: I’ll do anything for free kit but I won’t do that… – Live In The Big Ring