Meet Pure Velo: women’s bike clothing made in Italy

Reposted from with permission from Pure Velo.

Written by Pinar Pinzuti 24 June 2020

Cycling clothing for women far from the usual patterns: the goal of Pure Velo, a company with headquarters in the United Kingdom but which produces in Italy and looks to the world, is to give women who ride the bike the opportunity to wear comfortable and feminine garments, while maintaining the characteristics of technical fabrics (such as lightness, breathability and resistance). Something you can pedal comfortably with but can carry without problems even after getting off the bike. Continue reading “Meet Pure Velo: women’s bike clothing made in Italy”

The Domestique Critique: Machines for Freedom Essential Short

This year, that #indoorslife got me searching for a quality pair of shorts for the trainer. Perfect timing that Machines for Freedom released their brand new Essential Cycling Short in May. I bought a pair with my own hard-earned money for the low, low price of $148 USD and intend to ride every penny out of them.

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