‘Ladies’ Is Gender Neutral – Alice Goldfuss

The shirt in question reads “‘LADIES’ IS GENDER NEUTRAL” and is only offered in women’s sizes. However, I presented the women’s sizes as unisex and replied to requests for men’s sizing with phrases women have heard many times.


—This is a great blog post from Alice Goldfuss about the struggle of unisex sizing. I get contacted often from brands that want to show themselves as supporting women’s cycling but offer a unisex jersey. This doesn’t cut it for me, no pun intended. By only offering unisex you are taking away my only option for CHOICE, my privilege. Some may not think a jersey is a big deal, but it means more than the materials.

Source: ‘Ladies’ Is Gender Neutral – Alice Goldfuss

New startup Solidarity Cycling to redefine cycling fashion with exclusive kits sporting artworks by female artists

Great News for women cycling enthusiasts looking for something new in cycling fashion this year. A new Casper-based startup SolidarityCycling.com is all set to redefine cycling fashion with its exclusive line of women cycling kits that sport unique artworks by female artists. Two parts of the proceeds from every sale will go to each artist and also to organizations dedicated to inspire and mentor women or girls on bikes.

Source: New startup Solidarity Cycling to redefine cycling fashion with exclusive kits sporting artworks by female artists – Press Release – Digital Journal

4 Tips to Find Your Cycling Motivation Again

New year, new me. New year, new goals. Sure, it’s a new year, but the same situations or issues plaguing you last year don’t just get wiped away clean. I wish!

Sometimes it’s hard to get your groove back. It could be that you’re struggling with weight loss, with the loss of a loved one or a relationship, with family obligations, or illness of any kind.

I personally am dealing with several of those things – and the fact that it turned the clock to a new year didn’t wipe my slate clean. I have been thinking about ideas to help me be kind to myself in this transition, but to be careful not to let cycling leave my life completely. I hope these help you, too. Continue reading

How to Avoid Kit Buyer’s Regret

Holiday time is the best time of the year. The indulgences are a-plenty – food, gifts, travel – but my favorite indulgence of all? SHOPPING. All the sales! The discounts! The freebies! I love starting the new year with new kit. But by the time I can afford to splurge (on sale, of course!) the kit I loved in March isn’t available anymore in December. SAD.

Some of this story is a collection of kit I regret not buying when I had the chance. I wavered too long or just couldn’t scrape those last few dollars together to do it. UGH! Now I wish I had. It’s buyer’s regret but for the other way ’round – I regret not buying that kit. Another part of this story is a guide to help you avoid buyer’s regret and instead buy the kit you will absolutely love. Continue reading