Interbike 2016 Wrap-Up: Part 1


I went to Interbike last week, the North American bike industry expo held in Las Vegas, Nevada every September. It was a shit show. It looked like this, times 300,000 square feet. That number is not made up.

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Interbike 2016


We’re off to Vegas baby Yeah! We’re heading to Interbike, the largest bike industry expo in North America, this week to preview new releases of apparel, bikes, innovative products and technology.

Check back often to see what we’re seeing, and if there’s something specific in mind that you’d like us to check out, leave your request in the comments below. We’ll be posting live on Instagram via pictures and stories so follow us there.

There’s no guarantee we’ll come out alive, or not sunburned to a crisp by the pool. I also may pass out from desert dehydration and miss an entire section of booths.

Please wish us luck, and good cell service.