Cycling Jerseys with Style

Well, BAGS of style according to Total Women’s Cycling. I have never uttered that phrase and have just now typed it for the first time. Use it at your discretion.

10 Unmissable Cycling Jerseys with Bags of Style


8 of the Coolest (get it?) Base Layers

http___coresites-cdn_factorymedia_com_twc_wp-content_uploads_2016_05_QotM-base-layer-680x380Total Women’s Cycling is the BEST source for information and they’ve released another Top 8 list for base layers. To most, wearing another layer of clothing in the warmer months doesn’t make sense, but for wicking sweat and cooling you off faster and for longer, it’s genius.

I never understood the awe of base layers until I finally pulled the trigger for an upcoming review. I am now sold on them! Would you want a post that talks more about base layers and their functionality? Let me know!