Sockturday: Pearly’s Possum Socks

logoYES. It’s a thing and you will be glad you know of it. Even Bicycling Magazine reviewed them as amazingly warm socks for cycling. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t ride. Commute to work warm, early morning mountain shred cozy, coffee stop and the only table left is outside – you got this. You have Pearly’s Possum Socks.

Pictured is the Original Pearly
Pictured is the Original Pearly
Duke from Pearly’s had this to say:
First let me say that at Pearly’s we have put function ahead of fashion. We have worked really hard to have the very best product in terms of the warmest and most comfortable sock possible. At times that means we have had to choose between fashion and function, we have always chosen function.
How did the concept start and how did the company first grow? You were more or less inspired by Patagonia socks? 
Margo and I Mtn Biked around New Zealand’s South Island in 2011, the weather was supposed to be nice, but most days were actually cold and rainy. Our guide, the legendary Phil Oliver suggested I try a pair of possum socks. I found a pair of hiking socks and they were amazing. When we got home from NZ we set about to craft the best possible cycling sock using a combination of Merino Wool and Possum Fur. Pearly’s are the result. They have become a cult sock, we have customers with a dozen pairs who wear them every single day.
Will the product ever expand to new materials or new designs?
New designs – yes, we think our yarn and the resulting product is amazing so we are likely sticking with the materials. Over the last 12 months we did introduce the “Moto” a knee high version. The response has been amazing so we made add more variants in the future.
Do you encounter any problems selling or shipping possum fur? 
No we don’t have any problems, but we do get a lot of questions about the possum. The New Zealand possum is a ecological disaster in NZ that the government and environmental organizations are working to solve. Introduced from Australia about 100 years ago, the NZ possum are consuming the native vegetation and destroying the natural habitat of many bird species. The government and Eco Orgs are working to reduce the possum population to stop the deforestation and save their amazing  bird populations. That creates a surplus of possum material and Pearly’s is one of several companies that use the fur. Others make golfing gloves from the skins and dog food for the working dogs of NZ from the meat. Our engagement starts at yarn, there is a factory in NZ that spins the yarn for us and we receive spools of it.
Who do you imagine your audience to be?
Our clients are primarily hardcore cyclists who spend time in cold weather. Our customer base is global and the common thread is that people want to have warm and comfortable feet. We have customers who climb mountains in them, a doctor who wears them to work every day, bike commuters who ride year round and many others. Truly every cyclist should have a least one pair in their kit, Pearly’s are like a secret weapon for that day you are going out, and the weather is not cooperating.
Have you ever had any surprising testimonials?
We love the testimonials we get…they inspire us and motivate us to have the best possible product. Our customer simply rock, they are the best. Here are some of my favorites:
This one cracks me up – the author has his son smell the socks after several days of riding…
Here is one from our Facebook page:

Below is an update from last weekends Iceman race in Michigan. Weather was cold and it was a perfect Pearly’s day!!!

From Chris Stirlen:

My feet were warm and dry despite the 20 minutes of 12 mph sleet and rain coming at me on the 30+ mph downhill slalom part of the course.

The photo is from the bike corral after the race and before the rest of the 5000 riders arrived. Shook the sand and mud splatters out my Pearlies and wore them to the after party!

Thank you for such an outstanding product,



Sockturday: Sako 7

4-22-2016 12-42-25 PM

#SAKO7 is a range of socks and cycling apparel created by Sean Sakinofsky, a road cyclist originally from Cape Town, South Africa. The name SAKO7 comes from his nickname, Sako, and his lucky number 7.

It started with socks, and so the slogan is the root of all creation: ‘The socks maketh the kit’
All of SAKO’s designs for his cycling apparel, bottles and caps are influenced by his socks. Unique, yes.
4-22-2016 12-47-44 PM
However, the designs of SAKO7 are influenced by either Sean’s life experiences, famous artists, individuals or movies which have made an imprint on his life. He says his designs must have a story behind them, a book about his life.
SAKO’s philosophy about socks is the following:
Sock length most definitely is a contentious issue. Ankle high socks or anything less than a 4″ high cuff is a NO GO!
However, if a sock is too high, it is not considered ‘good style’ or ‘classy’.
Sean prefers when the top of the sock cuff stops at the beginning of the calf muscle belly, and does not run into or over the calf muscle. (It is of course up to the individual to position the cuff properly.) Everyone has a different shape calf muscle.
The sock should be high enough to accentuate the the lower leg running into the belly of the calf muscle.
There is nothing worse than when someone is wearing stylish cycling apparel and messes up the look with socks which fail to meet the aforementioned criteria.
Socks can make a bad kit look good and if the socks don’t conform to standards, then the socks can make a good kit look bad.
‘The socks maketh the kit’.
Lastly, regarding the style of socks, this is pretty much ‘Carte Blanche’. Socks can be seen as a blank piece of canvas for the designer to apply their artistic touch, and create their work of art.
4-22-2016 12-48-20 PM
Sean has always maintained that socks should be bold, daring and never boring. However, even a classic plain white high top pair of socks has its place.
The style of your socks is really the finishing piece to your kit. He also advocates that style stays and fashion fades. So with this in mind, and when it comes to socks, Sean changes it ever so slightly and states that fashion fades, but stripes will always stay.
The SAKO7 evolution continues and the latest exciting chapter is the globalization of the brand. This development came about when Sean joined forces with Peter Appleton, former head of POC Bicycle Division. Peter has a flair for identifying inspirational and cutting edge brands along with expertise in product development and his myriad of global connections. Peter will be running the global distribution, assisting with product development and along with Sean they are taking SAKO7 to the next level.
4-22-2016 12-49-31 PM
SAKO7 is now based in Dundas, CANADA and is proudly Canadian.


VeloVixenUK Gets Boost to Offer More Options to Women


When we talk about growing women’s cycling we often talk about the sport: race coverage, prize money, minimum wages. Then sometimes we go on to discuss brands offering greater choice for female riders. What we don’t often get to celebrate is the story of a women’s only cycle retailer finding huge success – but that’s what we’ve got in VeloVixen.


Remember this nonsense?

Shaming women for what they are wearing. SHOCKING

Sockturday: MBwear

11856720_902139256523955_1357516414_aMBwear is an Italian sock brand and sportwear company founded by pro cyclist Marco Bandiero. Never shying away from color and pattern, they are known for their lightweight material that incorporates some stretch and antibacterial properties. With so many to choose from, MBwear will have #sockdoping on lockdown for you.

What is your favorite MB cycling sock/shoe combo?
We like so much our Original with Giro shoes.
3-23-2016 12-09-47 PM
Do you make your own socks or do you use another company to manufacture your designs?
We make our socks in our factory. Design is totally decide by our two owners Tiziano and Marco [Bandiero]. For fun collection we have a partnership with Simone Andretta, a good designer.
3-23-2016 12-05-53 PM
Why do you think cycling socks are so much fun to wear/design?
Cause today people are day by day more exigent when you talk about appearance. We try to offer them the best design with a top quality.
3-23-2016 12-07-43 PM
Why do you not offer a women’s sock different from a men’s? Oftentimes, especially for smaller footed women the design is off when worn and there may be rubbing inside a shoe from seams that are not quite right.
We offer Two sizes (36/40 and 41/46). Moreover we have our Original available in 12cm height, 3cm less compared to our standard.
When will the website be up and running to purchase? Where else can someone purchase your socks?
Our website will be up for the end of March but the e-commerce will be operating since December. Now you can buy our socks in normal shops and online ( and
Customize socks can be create by writing an e-mail to
3-23-2016 12-08-27 PM
What is your design inspiration? The meaning behind your designs and patterns?
Our socks was created to be simple, elegant and to be the Best in the world about quality. They have to give you style and be a second skin.
After an year from our foundation, We saw some fixed races and we decide to create our Fun collection. We worked a lot to obtain a high quality printed socks bit now we have it and all the people can externalize their personality by choose a Fun socks.
Tiziano and Marco are professional rider, they travel a lot and our design contain contamination of all they see around the world.
Sorry for my English.

Why Stella Wu is the most powerful woman in the cycling industry

Is Stella Yu the most powerful woman in the cycling industry? By many accounts, absolutely.
Is Stella Yu the most powerful woman in the cycling industry? By many accounts, absolutely.

CyclingTips did a feature on Stella Wu, founder of Velo Saddles, a company that makes almost every in-house brand of bike company saddle. An interesting look at a woman who has influenced the bike industry more than anyone else in the past few decades despite how little known she remains.