Sockturday: MBwear

11856720_902139256523955_1357516414_aMBwear is an Italian sock brand and sportwear company founded by pro cyclist Marco Bandiero. Never shying away from color and pattern, they are known for their lightweight material that incorporates some stretch and antibacterial properties. With so many to choose from, MBwear will have #sockdoping on lockdown for you.

What is your favorite MB cycling sock/shoe combo?
We like so much our Original with Giro shoes.
3-23-2016 12-09-47 PM
Do you make your own socks or do you use another company to manufacture your designs?
We make our socks in our factory. Design is totally decide by our two owners Tiziano and Marco [Bandiero]. For fun collection we have a partnership with Simone Andretta, a good designer.
3-23-2016 12-05-53 PM
Why do you think cycling socks are so much fun to wear/design?
Cause today people are day by day more exigent when you talk about appearance. We try to offer them the best design with a top quality.
3-23-2016 12-07-43 PM
Why do you not offer a women’s sock different from a men’s? Oftentimes, especially for smaller footed women the design is off when worn and there may be rubbing inside a shoe from seams that are not quite right.
We offer Two sizes (36/40 and 41/46). Moreover we have our Original available in 12cm height, 3cm less compared to our standard.
When will the website be up and running to purchase? Where else can someone purchase your socks?
Our website will be up for the end of March but the e-commerce will be operating since December. Now you can buy our socks in normal shops and online ( and
Customize socks can be create by writing an e-mail to
3-23-2016 12-08-27 PM
What is your design inspiration? The meaning behind your designs and patterns?
Our socks was created to be simple, elegant and to be the Best in the world about quality. They have to give you style and be a second skin.
After an year from our foundation, We saw some fixed races and we decide to create our Fun collection. We worked a lot to obtain a high quality printed socks bit now we have it and all the people can externalize their personality by choose a Fun socks.
Tiziano and Marco are professional rider, they travel a lot and our design contain contamination of all they see around the world.
Sorry for my English.

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