The Domestique Critique: dhb Blok


Over the past few years, dhb‘s collections have been rivaling those that cost three times as much. The designs have been on point and the quality is shockingly good. Good enough to win 2015 Brand of the Year at the Total Women’s Cycling Awards (not to mention parent company winning two years in a row for Best Online Retailer). The dhb Blok jersey and bibs epitomizes this quality – both in performance as well as looks. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: dhb Blok”

The Domestique Critique: Velocio ES Jersey, Wind Vest, & Signature Fly Bib Short


YOU GUYS. If you have been following me for long enough, then you know my love for Velocio runs deep. Deeper than my #wcw on Taylor Wiles, deeper than my admiration for Kristy Scymgeour. As if I needed more reasons to buy Velocio…

This spring into summer I rode in the new ES Jersey, charcoal Signature Fly bibshorts, and red Wind Vest. And of course, I picked out the exact socks Taylor is wearing in the photo above. OF COURSE I DID. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Velocio ES Jersey, Wind Vest, & Signature Fly Bib Short”

The Domestique Critique: Velobici Premgripp Sock

I’ve had the great joy of riding in these socks for several months, over short rides and long, on the trainer and on the road. I’m stuck thinking of too many ways to introduce and explain these magical foot tubes to you, so instead I will let Velobici do the introduction. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Velobici Premgripp Sock”

The Domestique Critique: Svelte Heritage Jersey


Flash sale? I’M IN. Finally bought this jersey that I was coveting for months. It’s a gorgeous jersey that has well thought out details and is perfect for mild days outside. The Heritage jersey is Svelte’s flagship product, designed as both stylish and functional for any kind of riding. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Svelte Heritage Jersey”

The Domestique Critique: Primal Obsidian Prisma Bibshort


Primal offers their kit options in a wide range of sizes, with a comfortable fit and a flattering matte sheen to the Lycra, the Obsidian Prisma bibshorts definitely look like a good value. And for the most part they really are, but with a few tweaks they could be even better. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Primal Obsidian Prisma Bibshort”

The Domestique Critique: Primal – Rain-Boa, Emery Rambler Jerseys

Primal Wear is really moving up in the design department, with bold colors and performance-driven materials. Available in a wide range of sizes, Primal offers a comfortable fit at a great price for the recreational cyclist. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Primal – Rain-Boa, Emery Rambler Jerseys”

The Domestique Critique: Pink is the New Pink

A shock of color in a comfortable shoe.

A color does not have a gender, so I’m ambivalent about people’s feelings toward pink. You can vilify it, embrace it, flash it, hide it, wear it as a badge of honor, or reject it completely. I will simply admit that it looks badass as a cycling shoe. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Pink is the New Pink”

The Domestique Critique: RedWhite The BIB

RedWhite is an anomaly in the cycling clothing industry – they only focus on bibshorts. Specifically, endurance bibshorts. The bibshorts are designed with long rides of 4 to 5 hours or more in mind. RedWhite was started in 2014 by two men based in Singapore so it took them awhile to develop a women’s short, but they made it a priority to test and re-test until they released the women’s bibshort, The BIB. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: RedWhite The BIB”