The Domestique Critique: Svelte Heritage Jersey


Flash sale? I’M IN. Finally bought this jersey that I was coveting for months. It’s a gorgeous jersey that has well thought out details and is perfect for mild days outside. The Heritage jersey is Svelte’s flagship product, designed as both stylish and functional for any kind of riding.


I purchased the Heritage jersey in Green in a size Small. I also added a matching jersey to my order for my husband (aren’t we cute?). Though the photos don’t do it justice, believe me when I tell you that the jersey is a stunning British racing green color and it’s striking right out of the package.

The next thing you notice is the feel of the jersey. Svelte built the Heritage jersey with a Danish merino wool blend that is soft to the touch and not bulky or thick. The only visible branding is a small tone-on-tone embroidery on the bottom (pictured).


Svelte calls the cut of the jersey “athletic fit” but I found it to be shapely, like an hourglass. This worked well for my body shape. It was an excellent length, front and back, and fit my lower curves with no problem. The only criticism I had was the neckline. Either my chest size was too big, or the shoulders were cut too narrow, but the jersey pulled at the neckline and choked me in the front so I couldn’t comfortably zip up and gapped in the back of the neck.


Flatteringly noticed by my barista, this jersey was finished with elegant details that stand out from typical cycling jerseys. The seams are finished nicely, the stitching is a matching color, the zipper has a neck cover and the there is ample pocket space in the rear.

There are three large pockets in the rear of the jersey, and also a button down key pocket…AND a concealed zippered compartment. Impressive for one jersey. The pockets come up a bit high for me and I had to really twist to get my hand in. The side pockets are angled to make it slightly easier.



The Heritage is a simple, but sophisticated jersey that offers unique elements to the rider. The fit needs to be tweaked for me to call it truly well-made. But the function of this jersey, with it’s unique synthetic-merino wool blend, is no match to the others. I found this fabric to be a godsend in autumn/spring weather and quite comfortable changing with the temps during a ride. I look forward to what more Svelte can do with this material.


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