The Domestique Critique: Velocio Ultralight Jersey

Photo: Rhea Aldridge

Less is more when it comes to Velocio’s Ultralight Jersey. Ultra-minimal, ultra-breathable, and ultra-light describe this Celestial offering from Velocio. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Velocio Ultralight Jersey”

9 fresh and funky cycling caps you need in your life — Casquette

 The cycling cap is both the ultimate accessory and a time-tested functional item, giving you every reason to own about ten of them. Tom Owens shares his pick of the best…Cycling caps really come into their own in the summer, when a lightweight barrier between your brainbox and helmet can

Source: 9 fresh and funky cycling caps you need in your life — Casquette

The Domestique Critique: Art of Endurance

Photo: Rhea Aldridge

Art of Endurance is yet another Australian kit brand with unique designs to offer women. I mean, I’m starting to get jealous I don’t live in Australia. I feel like everyone there is the most well-dressed cyclist on the planet. Art of Endurance can help you stand out even more.

I had the chance to ride in the Tesselate kit for a few months. It’s always exciting to roll up to a group ride and show off a kit. The Tesselate is a striking design, offered in pink and light blue, inspired by the many mountains climbed in training and is a play on the humble triangle as a metaphor for the daily challenges we face and overcome. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Art of Endurance”

New kit day: a look at the new national jerseys in the women’s peloton | CyclingTips

With #NatsWeek a month behind us, new champions were crowned and others prolonged their titles. Here are the new national jerseys of the women’s peloton.

Source: New kit day: a look at the new national jerseys in the women’s peloton | CyclingTips

Unity | Velocio

New release from Velocio with a bigger picture of the cycling world and beyond…

Shine a light on something that brings people together. Make a difference at least in some small way. For us, cycling has been a bellwether for what’s possible rather than a limitation. (Read through our recently revised brand statement for how cycling has unified our view of the world.) We created the Unity Jersey, a bold design on our ES Jersey, aimed at celebrating what unites us, with 100% of the profits from its sale going to the buyer’s choice of the charities below, each with a mission to unify and celebrate togetherness.

Source: Unity | Velocio