The Domestique Critique: Velocio Ultralight Jersey

Photo: Rhea Aldridge

Less is more when it comes to Velocio’s Ultralight Jersey. Ultra-minimal, ultra-breathable, and ultra-light describe this Celestial offering from Velocio.

I purchased this jersey at a summer sale and walked out of the store feeling pretty lucky that I landed a good deal on a coveted item this season. I have praised Velocio’s color palette before and the Celestial Ultralight jerseys are one more superb example of this. I chose the Celestial Plum, a periwinkle-like color. I chose to size up this time and purchased the Medium (I’m usually a Small).

Photo: Rhea Aldridge

When I say this jersey is lightweight, I am not just quoting the name. I really mean it’s ultra-light and so light it could be worn as a base layer in colder weather. But what is excellent about this lightweight jersey is that it doesn’t give you any weird tanlines. It offers sheer coverage with little weight on your skin.

Usually the zipper can be a problem with a lightweight jersey, causing folds or issues with unzipping one-handed, but I was pleasantly surprised not to see either of these issues arise with the Ultralight. The zipper laid flat, didn’t buckle anywhere along the bends, and how great to see that extra touch of color matching with the jersey fabric! There is a small zipper cover at the top to avoid irritating your neckline. I personally love the new necklines on jerseys these days, and this one was as soft as a t-shirt.

And while the jersey is cut to fit tightly, the hems do not feel restrictive and so there’s no unsightly indentations made to any of your (my) skin either.

Photo: Rhea Aldridge

The Ultralight jersey is straightforward in its details, keeping only the most functional intact thereby keeping the weight, well, light. Three rear pockets can hold as much as you need for a long ride, and the reflective tabs along the sleeves and side make a difference when your sunset chasing.

Photo: Rhea Aldridge

The mesh side panels offer even more breathability and the fabric dries quickly, which is essential on a 100F ride in Los Angeles this summer. The sleeve length is longer than previous versions of this jersey and there are no uncomfortable grips causing friction against sweaty skin. An awesome added bonus are the reflective strips on the side pocket and sleeves.

Photo: Rhea Aldridge

Overall, this jersey can’t be beat for summer. Technically, it’s a sound fit with functional detailing, but it’s the design that wins you compliments on every ride.

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