About Machines for Freedom’s New “Fruits” Cycling Kit for Women

The latest kit from women’s cycling brand Machines for Freedom is more than catchy colors and a flattering cut. Called “Fruits,” it’s also a meditation on female strength and a challenge to see cyclists differently. We asked Jennifer Kriske, founder of Machines, to tell us more about the kit that’s been blowing up our social media for the last few weeks.

Source: About Machines for Freedom’s New “Fruits” Cycling Kit for Women

‘Ladies’ Is Gender Neutral – Alice Goldfuss

The shirt in question reads “‘LADIES’ IS GENDER NEUTRAL” and is only offered in women’s sizes. However, I presented the women’s sizes as unisex and replied to requests for men’s sizing with phrases women have heard many times.


—This is a great blog post from Alice Goldfuss about the struggle of unisex sizing. I get contacted often from brands that want to show themselves as supporting women’s cycling but offer a unisex jersey. This doesn’t cut it for me, no pun intended. By only offering unisex you are taking away my only option for CHOICE, my privilege. Some may not think a jersey is a big deal, but it means more than the materials.

Source: ‘Ladies’ Is Gender Neutral – Alice Goldfuss