Santini unveils ‘eco-friendly’ 2020 Trek-Segafredo kit with Impact anti-rip fabric

The main kits that the Trek-Segafredo men and women will be using in competition comprise a jersey made from two sustainable fabrics. First up is Ecofabric RECY by Corno. This is an eco-friendly product made using yarn recycled from materials that have been used or discarded in the environment. In addition, the apparel features Native – Ecoknit by Sitip, which is ‘made using recycled fibres and yarns without the use of any polluting chemicals to reduce consumption of natural resources and dependence on non-renewable power.’

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‘Cyclists have to own their body shape’ – Athletes challenge stereotypes that can stop women getting on a bike

Body image concerns can stop women from getting on a bike – and the cycling industry finds itself in the dock. Even after her success, Scott was dropped from a magazine photo shoot when she sent her bike kit measurements to the firm who had invited her.

Scott, from Guildford, said: “I’ve always been athletic, but as a child I didn’t think of myself as athletic. That would be my No 1 piece of advice to women too self-conscious about getting on a bike – athletes come in all shapes and sizes.

“I have big legs. I’ve used them to cycle across countries and that’s an incredible thing. It’s about finding out what your body is capable of and learning to love it.”

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The Domestique Critique – Apace Peleton Jersey

by Jacquelyn Herbert


Apace is a kit brand founded in 2012 in India, with a broad range of gear for cycling, running and triathlon. With an in-house design team, purpose-made fabrics, customized color palette, and a wide range of products, apace offers performance wear that does not break the bank. Functionality is key for good performance apparel, and apace design revolves around functionality. The well-designed and purpose-made apparel will satisfy the elite athlete, as well as the weekend warrior.  Continue reading

The Domestique Critique – Fat Lad at the Back Lasses Purple Petal Jersey

by Josie Lynn Lanuzalasses-ss-petal-purple-cycling-jersey-front_copy_3

Fat Lad/Lass at the Back debuted as a kit brand in 2013 with a focus on a fit for all bodies on bikes. In fact, Fat Lass at the Back put the curve in women’s kit – their kit comes with boobs, hips and waists because women do! They have put thousands of hours of research into the ways women lay down to ensure a fit that is perfect for any body.

Everyone on a bike deserves well-fitting kit and Fat Lass filled the lack of cycling clothing on the market for larger sizes. Continue reading

The Domestique Critique – Rivelo Woodvale Jersey and Fernhurst Bib Shorts

by Jacquelyn Herbert


That blue is as pretty as the summer sky. It’s the first thing you think when you open your package from Rivelo. If you’ve never heard of this UK-based brand, you’re not alone. Rivelo is still a boutique brand, a quiet overachiever with a distinguished style that is understated yet refined, but never showy enough to splash the pages of Facebook and Instagram and compete to catch your eye that way. You could say they prefer the slow and steady, and continue to put out kit that gets better and better with each collection. They have earned your admiration, not sweet talked you out of your cash. Continue reading