The Domestique Critique: Fat Lass at the Back Fearless Fabulous Female Cycling Jersey

Fat Lass at the Back is making a second return to WomensKit…because it’s that darn good. This time Josie has tested the Fearless Fabulous Female jersey in a 38 inch bust size and this is her full report.

The fabric of the FFF jersey feels soft and thin. It was very breathable while riding and we had a late start to the morning so it was the warmest it would be all day, and I didn’t feel any need to unzip for better airflow. I usually don’t wear a baselayer, and this was totally fine for an overcast morning-turned-to-warm-sunny-day. Sweat was not obvious, since the arm panels are black and the graphics help hide. 

The collar didn’t bother me at all. It was laying on the backside of my neck, and looser towards the front. But at my neck, I didn’t feel the zipper much since the collar was loose there. Some jerseys, the zipper protrudes too much in the chest area, but this followed my curves just fine. However, because of the jersey length (a little too long for me), the zipper would bunch up a bit with the fabric down at my waist. 

Surprisingly, the sleeves were snug. I tend towards relaxed fit jerseys and often my complaint is loose sleeves either because of design or sizing issues. Not here. I chose a size that may have been slightly bigger, but I don’t always enjoy the most snug fits – and want something more loose. In this case, sleeves were perfect for me in proportion to the fit of the rest of the jersey. 

While the shoulders felt like a good fit, the waistline was a little loose, and would bunch up towards the bottom. It was slightly too long by 1-2 inches for me and it didn’t sit right on my hip curves. The jersey would bunch up in the front and back, so sometimes it would be a little difficult to reach deep in the jersey pockets. I wasn’t too bothered by the excess fabric – maybe because I don’t mind when it’s not skin-tight to drive away any attention to my midsection.

But overall, I felt like this jersey, and the size I chose, was perfect. I didn’t feel like it was too tight at any point in my riding. FLAB sizing is uniquely their own, so always consult their size chart before purchasing. They don’t aim to just size up cycling clothing, instead they redefine sizing to correctly fit your body.

I liked the size of the pockets on this jersey. I carried some snacks, my phone, and stuffed an extra tube in there. I likely could have packed more – so I’m happy with how much they held. My only gripe was when the waist bunched up, and the pockets were folded up back inside the jersey. I needed to pull down the jersey to flatten, and reach further. There is a zippered “secret” pocket, but I didn’t use it this time. I do enjoy when jerseys have this though – so that I could fit in extra cash if I need to, and not worry about security.

This jersey design is so bright and fun! There are some empowering slogans that are part of the pattern, but they aren’t overwhelming. I don’t always enjoy bright colors when they are solid, but this jersey had some graphics on it to break apart the light blue. I do like the solid black fabric on the side too – it helps break up the brightness, as well as give a more flattering look. I think it looked accurate to the online picture. However, on the site – there is a graphic of what seems to be a detail. The text on the jersey is all in a graffiti style, as opposed to some of the block letters with other graphics that the detail shows.


I usually stick to solid colors and very simple designs, so I’m not sure I’d choose this specific jersey to purchase. HOWEVER, I do like that the sprinkled print broke up a very bright color and I feel like I will explore more prints like this in the future. I do think this jersey was comfortable and well cut for my size , so I will definitely be wearing it again. 

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