Yellow Gear is Here! (Guest Post)

We're excited to announce our new label Yellow Gear! After several months of hard work, we're delighted (and relieved!) to announce the launch of our cycling apparel brand Yellow Gear. We couldn’t be more excited for this adventure! 
How it all started
 Women’s road cycling is growing. More and more women make the transition from... Continue Reading →

The Velocio Story

I had the lucky chance to ride and chat with Kristy Srcymgeour during Velocio's USA tour and I fell even harder for the line that brings top quality kit to women. I will be reviewing a jersey from the summer '16 line soon, but until then enjoy this Cycling Tips piece on the story behind... Continue Reading →

Reviews on the Way

Do you ever notice how reviews on kit are always positive? Maybe they pick at a point here or there but the reviewer always magically ends up saying it’s their favorite kit in the last paragraph. I never did understand that. Really? Every kit you receive is your favorite? Makes me think they have to... Continue Reading →

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