Yellow Gear is Here! (Guest Post)

Yellow Gear

We’re excited to announce our new label Yellow Gear!

After several months of hard work, we’re delighted (and relieved!) to announce the launch of our cycling apparel brand Yellow Gear. We couldn’t be more excited for this adventure!

How it all started

Women’s road cycling is growing. More and more women make the transition from other sports to the road. When we started to get serious about cycling a couple of years ago, we became increasingly frustrated by how difficult it was to find great clothes. Finally, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Our passion for cycling gave us the inspiration for Yellow Gear and the dedication we’ve put into every one of our desings.

The Yellow Gear story

Yellow Gear was born in 2016 in the heart of Amsterdam, the city famous for its cyclists. Our name takes cue from the iconic yellow jersey, that has been adorning shoulders of Tour de France leaders, since 1913.

We create high-tech, stylized cycling apparel for women. Looks combined with perfomance. We believe that presentation doesn’t need to be compromised in pursuit of performance on the road.

We are convinced that sustainability is an integral part of our business. Having regard to this, we have consciously chosen to produce our collection in factories nearby. We use the highest quality fabrics from Europe and our designs are manufactured to the highest standards, with a fit that was born in the pro peloton. The pieces will keep you comfy on the saddle mile after mile. How do we know? We’ve extensively tested them ourselves – for thousands of miles!

Yellow Gear

First collection

Our first exclusive collection of womenswear is now available in our online store

We like to think of Yellow Gear as a brand that caters to any kind of adventurous female cyclist. Whether you are a lone athlete riding the great Alps on a cold and misty morning, or an urban cyclist going for a sunny social ride with friends, Yellow Gear has got you covered.


The Yellow Gear Essentials consists of bibshorts, shorts, a sleeveless and breathable top with a headturning print and a stylish jacket for a windy, cold ride. 
Our signature range unites function, performance and style. Everyday riding garments that make up your essential armour.


In addition, we offer you our Horizon collection. It consists of a range fashionable limited jerseys. Technical, breathable and quick drying fabrics are combined with a special aero fit and subtle elegance details.
Go out, expand your horizons and get inspired by the bright colours and fabulous prints of our limited edition Horizon collection!

Be part of something really special!
We’re just starting our journey and we’d love you to be a big part of the adventure. Do you follow us already on Instagram and Facebook? 
Subscribe to our newsletter as well and we’ll bring you the latest details about our collections, upcoming events and good stories.

Enough talk for now, time to get on the road and create adventures!


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