Velocio Releases New Luxe Bib

  Here's the thing. Within design there's often compromise. It's too easy to make apparel that's a souvenir from a brand rather than a product made for a pointed use. The Luxe Bib is a reaction to that. This is a bib made without compromise and with a single goal of making the experience of riding... Continue Reading →

Sockturday: The Wonderful Socks

The Wonderful Socks. What a great name, don't you think? Every single Wonderful Sock tells a story inspired by the achievements of great sportspeople, whether a race or a single extraordinary sporting event. ‘Bubba’ is a tribute to Forrest Gump’s epic run across the USA. ‘Arenberg’ is a celebration of the Paris-Roubaix race, also known... Continue Reading →

Look for Less: Rapha vs Champion

If you're in the market for a sports bra for cycling, then consider these. They are both medium support, seamless for comfort and layering, and come in black and white. The only difference is Rapha will set you back $75 and the Champion for Target bra is only $16.99 in store and online.

Sockturday: Sock Guy

Well, you can't get much more ubiquitous than Sock Guy. They are hands-down my favorite brand. Every single pair fits perfectly, washes well, holds up, and looks sharp. They have numerous original and collaborations that offer a broad range of design and color for endless days of #sockdoping. They care about what they make for... Continue Reading →

Sockturday: Ursa Minor

I first noticed this brand around the time of the tragic Orlando club shooting in the States. They had a wonderful message of positivity and love and just so happened to have a rainbow sock for purchase to show support for LGBT communities everywhere. But that's not all they are. They are exploration-positive, outdoor-positive and... Continue Reading →

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