Ashmei’s new Super-Merino hits the Cycling Clothing Market | GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine

The Dyson of cycling kit? Learn a little more about the brand we posted about recently. Share your comments below.

Ashmei have set out to create an exciting new range of cyclewear and set a new benchmark of excellence in performance and comfort. With years of experience in the industry they’ve set out to break the mould, disregarding the usual price constraints and focusing on being the best. The British brand ashmei have been quietly […]

Source: Ashmei’s new Super-Merino hits the Cycling Clothing Market | GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine

The Domestique Critique: Velocio Light Long Sleeve Jersey & Signature Fly Bib Knickers


Click. Refresh. Click. Refresh. The weather report didn’t change from 60°F and partly cloudy with 15mph wind. I hate wind. No matter how many times I refreshed the page I couldn’t will it to be 80 and sunny so I could wear the last of the summer kit. I wasn’t ready to let go of the shorts, or ready to add layers. Know the feeling?

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Lovely Bicycle!: On Fit and the Myth of Flattering Cycling Clothes

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of marketing literature these days that would have us believe that their hip, gorgeous cycling kit will make us look like rock stars on the bike. And in fairness, the product in of itself might indeed be lovely – never has there been so much choice when it comes to tasteful, beautifully crafted performance cycling apparel. However, once we squeeze our bodies into said apparel, it is a different story.

So to protect you from false expectations, I am just going to get this out into the open.

There are only two types of people who look good in performance cycling apparel:

Source: Lovely Bicycle!: On Fit and the Myth of Flattering Cycling Clothes

Fall in Love with PEPPERMINT Cycling Co.


PEPPERMINT Cycling Co. is the group of friends you wish you had. You want to ride bikes with them, chat with them, and share stories over lattes at the end of the ride. The sisters behind the brand wanted it that way. The company was founded by Michèle and Véronik Bastien, twin sisters overflowing with energy, passionate about cycling and aiming to create a new, innovative and engaging brand.

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Sock Doping Explained — Casquette

Could not have written a better article about our collective cycling sock addiction. Check out Casquette, a new UK-based women’s cycling magazine while you’re at it!

 “The obsession with cycling socks has reached such epic proportions that it’s spawned a whole new term: ‘sock doping’. Designers have been quick to recognise this kit catnip, with a succession of funky, stripy and neon choices all vying for our attention. So, why the cycle sock obsession?”

Source: Sock Doping Explained — Casquette