Interbike 2016 Wrap-Up: Part 2

I really thought I could I post it all in one go, but even I would get bored and click away from a long, long post. There’s too much for one post and that’s GREAT. That means there was enough women’s kit to share with you and that also means the industry is moving in the right direction. Onward with the pretty images:


Fast becoming one of my favorite brands, JLVelo had every rad kit they’ve come out with recently on display. They photograph well because the bright colors and rich patterns are every bit the same on their Instagram as it is in person. Also, it was refreshing to chat with Kate Mills, the founding couple’s daughter and frequent IG model, about women’s cycling and clothing options and I really hope to bring you a look into their factory and HQ soon.


I took a wrong turn along the outskirts and ran smack into this brand new kit company. Alchemy of Ride is the creation of artist Lynn Harrison to fill the void of mountain bike gear that truly inspired her to shred. Each of these wild prints is based on a painting she made, as you can see from the top of her (personal) Jeep in the photo. They are really showstopping pieces. Manufactured by Louis Garneau and sold online or in her home city of Western Canada.


Let’s talk about this for a minute. Do you notice anything different in this bib short? Sugoi is not necessarily a company you think of as “innovative” “exciting” “stylish” but this bib short may make you want to rethink them. This bib is built using one solid panel through the chamois, virtually seamless where it matters to have less seam, addressing the friction issue. It’s a silky smooth lycra with wide leg grippers that are flattering to any leg. Doesn’t the print remind you of your favorite yoga pant?


Sock Guy is my hands-down favorite sock and here’s why: SockGuy’s Stretch-to-Fit sizing system means just two adult sizes, our S/M and L/XL, provide the perfect fit for men AND women. I have never slipped on a sock and had it fit in all the right places with no heel cup issues or bunching in the toe and it always feels more comfortable in the cycling shoe.

dsc00932 dsc00931dsc00926

Giordana is another favorite of mine. Perhaps I say favorite too often? I know what makes my taco happy and I do tend to stick with those companies. Giordana kit has always been comfortable without being baggy, flattering in cut and grip, and their in-house line (non-custom) is constantly getting better and better with design and colors.

A new idea I haven’t seen anyone doing yet (or won’t do) is a six pocket jersey. Now, the picture below doesn’t quite capture it but this could be pretty handy for long rides or Type A neat freaks that don’t like food touching anything else.



Giordana also introduced an ultra-light bib short with the ultimate breathability. The leg gripper is two layers, both of which are an ulti-light mesh and the bottom layer has holes for air movement.


Below is a couple of jerseys from Dotout. I have only known the brand via their social media and I have always liked what I saw. Interbike gave me the opportunity to handle the garments in hand and I am very impressed. The lightweight feel is like your favorite t-shirt. The “climber’s jersey” (maroon, below) is incredibly breathable and it’s the first time I have seen a crew neck collar. It’s nice to also see all the unique details they add to their kit with the rider in mind – a full reflective pocket and one that is shorter than the others, it likely being the one you need to reach into the most. No need to dig while on the bike for something small buried among food wrappers or arm warmers. This kit is built like clothing, so function and fashion meet more in the middle. I hope to bring you more about them soon.


Finally, another new company I came across is Petalos, based in Colorado but manufactured in Spain. The Petalos line is small with two patterns and as of now only available dealer direct. Their bib shorts were very interesting in the way they are built – the design panel becomes the entire leg gripper, eliminating the seam that wraps around the leg causing sausage leg.



Glad I could bring you a sneak peek at some new kit from Interbike! I will be taking a few more of these companies and products in depth in future posts.

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