The Domestique Critique: La Passione Hexagonal Summer Jersey


Long story long, this past winter I needed an updated pair of ankle length knickers and bought La Passione when they had a sale. It was a great deal and I figured I would Zwift more if they didn’t quite fit right for riding IRL. Turns out they were glorious. Stretchy and comfortable, with pro details like a yoga waistband and a thinner bit of material behind the knees and reflective tags around the ankles. When I saw they were releasing a new women’s collection for SS17, I had to have it. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: La Passione Hexagonal Summer Jersey”

The Domestique Critique: dhb Blok


Over the past few years, dhb‘s collections have been rivaling those that cost three times as much. The designs have been on point and the quality is shockingly good. Good enough to win 2015 Brand of the Year at the Total Women’s Cycling Awards (not to mention parent company winning two years in a row for Best Online Retailer). The dhb Blok jersey and bibs epitomizes this quality – both in performance as well as looks. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: dhb Blok”

The Domestique Critique: Svelte Heritage Jersey


Flash sale? I’M IN. Finally bought this jersey that I was coveting for months. It’s a gorgeous jersey that has well thought out details and is perfect for mild days outside. The Heritage jersey is Svelte’s flagship product, designed as both stylish and functional for any kind of riding. Continue reading “The Domestique Critique: Svelte Heritage Jersey”

Reviews on the Way

Do you ever notice how reviews on kit are always positive? Maybe they pick at a point here or there but the reviewer always magically ends up saying it’s their favorite kit in the last paragraph. I never did understand that. Really? Every kit you receive is your favorite? Makes me think they have to appease advertisers or sponsors.

Every kit I review I give my honest opinion. I’m a real cyclist with a real body. Where was the honest opinion when I was wearing underwear with my chamois pad?! See, that’s why I do what I do. You need a friend to keep you in the know, on the low.

In the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing a new Velocio jersey, the Rapha Core jersey, a new DHB kit, socks, caps, and the new Giro women’s shoe.

I’m hoping to save my pennies and get my hands on the new Ella Ambassador kit from MAAP, the new Lela Rose kit from Velocio, a Cedar Cycling jersey and the new summer kit from Endo Custom Clothing via whatever company makes a women’s kit collab with them.

Always, ALWAYS open to new companies and kit so send them my way!