The Domestique Critique: Yellow Gear Bibi Jersey

Hello? Spring? Are you there? It’s me, WomensKit.

It’s been a rough winter for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and just when you see a peek of spring, you’re hit with more rain or snow. But it has to come soon, so get ready and get shopping!

It’s exhausting to dress in layer after layer, feel like a marshmallow while pedaling it out, then string all those layers about the house while they dry. You know what I want? I want bright! I want light! I want NEW!

Amsterdam brand Yellow Gear made me scroll up on Instagram for a double-take. This Bibi jersey strikes the right balance between a flattering fit and a design that pops. This is EXACTLY what I want to push spring forward.

Photo Dec 09, 4 26 21 PM

The colors of the Bibi jersey are as bold as the pictures, and the pink and peach hues are saturated and pop against the neutral gray (anthracite). It’s a great color combo and the brushstroke design is balanced and well done, believable.

It’s a lightweight jersey, and cool to the touch (a feature that comes in handy when the temps go up). The core is made of a Matrix fabric, a waffle weave matte fabric that is very light, allows for ventilation, and has a flattering stretch. The arm sleeves and sides are a European-made polyester fabric that is smooth, silky, and also offers a stretch that doesn’t feel restrictive or tight.

Photo Dec 09, 4 27 00 PM

In fact, that is my absolute favorite feature of this jersey. The seamless arm sleeves have a raw, laser cut finish that is the absolute most comfortable sleeve I’ve ever worn. The whole jersey is a dream fit. Although Yellow Gear calls the fit aero, it breaks all notions I have about my body in “aero” fabrics. There is no part of this jersey that feels tight, restrictive, or uncomfortable. It’s a dream to wear for any body type.

Photo Dec 09, 4 27 21 PM

The jersey features 3 ample-sized rear pockets with a slight elastic, keeping all your goods in during your ride. The collar is soft against the skin, more of the Matrix fabric to keep breathability throughout your core. If there was one addition I could make to this jersey, it would be the waistline elastic. It didn’t stay put during my rides and I would find the bottom half of my zipper askew to one side. Adding a little grip material could help secure that jersey in place.

I highly recommend this jersey to any woman that seeks a comfortable, soft, beautiful jersey that compliments every body type. It quickly became a favorite jersey (fun to match with socks!) that I enjoy showing off because it makes me look and feel so good.

Spring is almost here, so treat yourself after a dreary winter season with a bright, fun jersey from Yellow Gear!

Womens Kit-61.jpg


Full disclosure: I received the kit reviewed in this post free of charge. The decision to write this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own. This is not a sponsored post. Thanks as always for reading!


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