Holiday Sale Round-Up

Hey peeps, there's still time to hop on over to any number of websites to find egg-sellent holiday sales until Monday! Below is a small list that we'll add to and please add any others you see in the comments. Terry Bikes: Free shipping on orders over $50 USD until Monday using code USA16. ICNY:... Continue Reading →

Sockturday: Oxeego

Oxeego Sport Socks is out of Italy so you can already guess that the fit and feel will be of excellent quality. They think about the sock as a tool for an athlete, and consider more aspects of its function and form than most sock companies. Carlo was very kind to take some time out... Continue Reading →

Sockturday: Larga

LARGA is a collection of socks that are made in the USA and designed by Patrick Jacinto. A college varsity swimmer, turned tri-athlete who fell in love with the sport of cycling. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines and now living with his wife and 3 children in Los Angeles, CA. Patrick together with his wife... Continue Reading →

Sockturday: Ridge Supply

Matt Hawkins in the master behind the curtain of Ridge Supply Socks. A compelling story of injury on the bike brings him to see a passion through to fruition and Ridge Supply was born. The now almost iconic Skyline sock resembles the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains of the east coast, the country's most beautiful mountain... Continue Reading →

Calling You Out, Cycling Sexism

Women have long dealt with sexism in our sport. We are treated as second-rate in so many areas of cycling, even at the top professional level. I'm thrilled to see our female community banding together and calling it out. Companies whose bottom line is profit should treat everyone as an equal, unlike this inappropriate Colnago... Continue Reading →

Liv Cycling: Doin’ it Right

Liv is branching away from it's parent company, Giant Bicycles, with their first launch of a complete line of bikes and full line of clothing, accessories and gear. I have to admit I am impressed with their clothing options. If you follow their Instagram, you'll see they are seriously killing it with design and color.... Continue Reading →

Sockturday: Handlebar Mustache

Owned by a Boulder husband and wife team, Brett and Ashley, Handlebar Mustache is a cycling company making high-quality socks, tees and kit. Their genuine love for riding and for making people even happier on their own bikes shines through even in my brief interaction with 'HBStache' and I'm stoked to bring you an interview with... Continue Reading →

What We’re About To Do

Women are equal to men, though in the cycling world you wouldn't know it. Women's pro racing gets less coverage and less pay. Women's cycling gear is harder to find in your local bike shops. Women's cycling apparel is far less equal to men's in quantity, quality and design. We want to change that last... Continue Reading →

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