Calling You Out, Cycling Sexism

Women have long dealt with sexism in our sport. We are treated as second-rate in so many areas of cycling, even at the top professional level. I’m thrilled to see our female community banding together and calling it out. Companies whose bottom line is profit should treat everyone as an equal, unlike this inappropriate Colnago tweet or this race poster. Even the promotional items at 2015 Interbike crossed a major line and alienated female-identified cyclists. Isn’t this the market you all keep talking about trying to reach? THAT’S NOT HOW.

From Danielle Kosecki, with more examples of disgusting sexism here:

It’s hard to calculate the amount of sexism women encounter within the cycling industry, since so much of it happens at a personal level or via microaggressions that we’re taught to brush off or blame ourselves for. But we can keep track of the things that happen on a larger scale. So let’s do that.

For ONE year, help me keep track of sexist cycling words, visuals, and experiences. It’s the beginning of March and so much has already happened — lucky us!

Email to contribute a post.

While you’re at it (as in ‘making your blood boil’) give this Open Letter to Assos a read, from

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