What We’re About To Do

Women are equal to men, though in the cycling world you wouldn’t know it. Women’s pro racing gets less coverage and less pay. Women’s cycling gear is harder to find in your local bike shops. Women’s cycling apparel is far less equal to men’s in quantity, quality and design.

We want to change that last one.

We’ll be posting about apparel, gear and accessories for women. Hopefully, we get to say more often than not BY women for women. We’re getting there. We want to see companies debuting men’s and women’s kit together, showing a consideration that both are equal on the road. We want to see quality and sizing that is well thought out and well researched and designed. We want to highlight those that are doing it right. Though this rant on who is doing it wrong is pretty funny.

Women are not a fluffier, pinker version of men. We are not the softer side of anything. We are women. And we also bleed, sweat, fall and get hit by cars. We deserve to wear good shit while we’re doing all of those things.

Share with us your gear, your comments, your yays and nays, and your pictures of you looking damn good pedaling up a mountain.


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