Sockturday: Ridge Supply

Matt Hawkins in the master behind the curtain of Ridge Supply Socks. A compelling story of injury on the bike brings him to see a passion through to fruition and Ridge Supply was born. The now almost iconic Skyline sock resembles the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains of the east coast, the country’s most beautiful mountain range.

What is your favorite Ridge Supply sock/shoe combo?

My personal favorite combo is The Skyline Yellow with Giro Empire Yellow Shoes.
Do you adhere to the height rules or answer demand instead?
There are no height rules, that is a myth.
**All Ridge Supply socks are 6 inches in height.
Do you make your own socks or do you use another company to manufacture your designs?
Ridge Supply socks are Made in the USA by DeFeet.
Why do you not offer a women’s sock different from a men’s?
Our socks are sized for feet but are not gender specific.  The fit is the finest in the world, in my opinion.
Do you design with men or women in mind?
I am a cyclist designing for cyclists…gender specific designs often miss the mark… if a design is good both men and women will want to wear it.
Do you consider mixed materials in your socks for specific purposes – warmer weather, cooler weather, wet weather, road versus CX, etc? Do materials make a beneficial difference to athletes?
We offer Coolmax footbeds for excellent breathability, we offer wool blends, winter wool blends, and overstocks for foul weather.  The socks are battle tested at the highest levels of all disciplines of the sport and are performance articles of kit that have the perfect blend of form and function.
What is your design inspiration? The meaning behind your designs and patterns?
The Skyline sock was designed with the Blue Ridge Mountains in mind, but every cyclist dreams of riding in the mountains or catching a mountain view on their ride… so those Skyline socks tell that story for our customers… and we offer them in every color you need to match any kit.

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