2017 WomensKit Holiday Gift Guide


I know that holiday gift guides are everywhere right now. But this edit helped me plan for my riding buddies, and  I’m hoping it can be a go-to guide for you. Around this time of year, I get a little too caught up in hunting sales and scooping up the goods I’ve had my eye on and I need a little help to brainstorm ideas for my friends. If you find something here that you like too, well, I won’t tell.


VeloBici PremGripp Socks

I reviewed the first edition release of these socks earlier this year. They were miraculous! They cure any numbness you may experience on a ride, and I honestly felt them activating on my feet to keep the blood flowing. They will make any cyclist happy this season.


Voxwomen accessories

Cycling cap, socks, and other great accessories made in collaboration with ex-pro racer and fantastic new kit designer Iris Slappendel AND all proceeds go to creating more women’s pro cycling coverage? Sign any woman up! Buy a great a gift and feel good about it.


Mad Alchemy Chamois Cream

A natural chamois cream with essential oils that works great, won’t irritate, lasts all ride, and it’s all-natural, too? This is the best cream I’ve ever tried on the market, and you’ll be giving the gift of kindness when you stuff those stockings this year.


CalicoKittyCaps custom cycling cap

The market is over-saturated with cycling caps, so many to choose from how do you make one feel special? The best gifts have a personal touch and a custom cap is just the ticket. MistaCalicoKittyCap himself hand sews all the caps and you can contact him directly to create a handcrafted cap in just the perfect color or pattern for your riding buddy. Guaranteed to be their favorite gift ever!


Velocio Recon Wallet

I don’t have this wallet..yet…but I want it bad. Buy it for me? It has all the best features – fits in any and every jersey pocket, water-resistant fabric that protects from all the elements, gorgeous colors to choose from, loop for easy access, and a genius divider between the phone and your cash and cards so you don’t accidentally drop that $20 when you just wanted to snap a #foreverbutts photo for Instagram.


Ornot MacGyver Bag

Boom! I made a gif. That’s how much I love this bag. This little bag fills a really big void. It’s a handlebar bag, a saddle bag, or a zippered pouch on the go. It’s lined, LINED! and it fits a hell of a lot more than you’d expect. What a damn fine friend you are.


The Domestique Critique: RedWhite The Bib UPDATED REVIEW

In June, I reviewed a pair of bibshorts from RedWhite that I purchased myself. I liked them but found a few things like fit and chamois to be less than I expected. I also wrote about how responsive the brand’s found, Yuva, was when I emailed and asked about sizing. I was between a Medium and a Large and decided to buy a Large. Rarely am I a Medium in bibshorts and I feared the dreaded sausage leg. Yuva kindly offered to send me a Medium after my review and suggested that may be at the center of my issues with the bibshort. How could I not give it a try? Hey, a good return policy is a reason to be positive about a brand, as I’ve found out in this case. Continue reading

The Domestique Critique: Performance Ultra Jersey & Bib Shorts

Photo Rhea Aldridge http://www.rheaaldridge.com/


If you have a preconceived notion of what “bike shop kit” is, then this review is for you. If you are looking for a reasonable kit from an accessible shop, then this review is for you. If you turn your nose down at anything from a major retailer, then this review is for you. Continue reading

The Domestique Critique: La Passione Hexagonal Summer Jersey


Long story long, this past winter I needed an updated pair of ankle length knickers and bought La Passione when they had a sale. It was a great deal and I figured I would Zwift more if they didn’t quite fit right for riding IRL. Turns out they were glorious. Stretchy and comfortable, with pro details like a yoga waistband and a thinner bit of material behind the knees and reflective tags around the ankles. When I saw they were releasing a new women’s collection for SS17, I had to have it. Continue reading

Yellow Gear is Here! (Guest Post)

Yellow Gear

We’re excited to announce our new label Yellow Gear!

After several months of hard work, we’re delighted (and relieved!) to announce the launch of our cycling apparel brand Yellow Gear. We couldn’t be more excited for this adventure!

How it all started

Women’s road cycling is growing. More and more women make the transition from other sports to the road. When we started to get serious about cycling a couple of years ago, we became increasingly frustrated by how difficult it was to find great clothes. Finally, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Our passion for cycling gave us the inspiration for Yellow Gear and the dedication we’ve put into every one of our desings. Continue reading

The Domestique Critique: Rule XIV #C Series Bib Shorts


Rule XIV chose to start their focus with the most critical part of your ride apparel – the bibshort. Deriving their name from the tongue-in-cheek Velominati Rule #14, “Shorts should be black,” Rule XIV set out to design premium bibshorts that break the rules, but always keep you in black.


Continue reading