How to Avoid Kit Buyer’s Regret

Holiday time is the best time of the year. The indulgences are a-plenty – food, gifts, travel – but my favorite indulgence of all? SHOPPING. All the sales! The discounts! The freebies! I love starting the new year with new kit. But by the time I can afford to splurge (on sale, of course!) the kit I loved in March isn’t available anymore in December. SAD.

Some of this story is a collection of kit I regret not buying when I had the chance. I wavered too long or just couldn’t scrape those last few dollars together to do it. UGH! Now I wish I had. It’s buyer’s regret but for the other way ’round – I regret not buying that kit. Another part of this story is a guide to help you avoid buyer’s regret and instead buy the kit you will absolutely love.

Don’t be like me and be sad at the holiday sale time. Buy that awesome, beautiful kit when you first see it, and never look back. If you’re still hesitant, run these few questions through your mind before clicking the purchase button.

1) Did that kit make you stop your mindless scrolling on Instagram and actually look? BUY IT.

2) Did you instantly transport yourself to the location in the photo, or want the woman riding in this kit to be your new riding buddy? BUY IT.

3) Do you love it so much and will wear it like it’s 1999? BUY IT.

4) Did you show this kit to at least 3 people on your phone while wearing regular clothes? BUY IT. You don’t really care what they think and you’re only laying claim so no one else buys it before you do.

SIGH. It’s impossible to own it all (unless you win the lottery) so choose wisely. Choose what you keep thinking about after a couple of days, choose what you know fits your bike or is your favorite color, choose a kit that makes you smile and you imagine makes you have fun on the bike. Now that you won’t regret.

A look back on some recent kit I very much regret not buying:

Panache Roses Kit81d7fadc6bfbadf963a6a946cb31a714

I’ve been drawn to boldly patterned bibshorts and loved the pop against the black background. By the time I found this kit, it was so popular that either the jersey or the bibs were sold out at one time or another. Proof that you should act fast when you find stars in your eyes for a kit.

JL Velo Fusion Cycling Suit


Man, this kit really blew up the internet! Right? It was the first time I thought, “Why can’t I wear a skinsuit on a group ride?” It has pockets, comfy leg bands, and a full zip PLUS it looks so badass. It’s popular for a reason.

Café du Cycliste Claudette Jersey and Loulou Neck Gaiter


No one quite has the posh, effortless style like Cafe du Cycliste. Their gorgeous photos of Nordic environments match the elegance of their kit, and the Claudette and Loulou combination melts my eyes I love it so much. Ugh, $200, you’re killing me.

Camino Apparel RB LTD Kit


This was a kit that grew on me. It was my favorite in their collection, but I kept finding myself visiting the website and adding it to my cart, then removing, then adding. I wanted it but, well, you know those moments when you want to buy something but then another part of your life competes for those extra dollars in your wallet? Yeah. And so time went by and I never bought it. But I still adore it. It looks awesome while riding.

Warsaw Black Sea Skinsuit


I was lucky enough to snag a Black Sea cycling cap before they were sold out, but not lucky enough to score a kit, not even just a jersey, NOTHING. Ugh, slay me. This is my favoritist kit and I will never get to buy it. REGRETS.


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