The Domestique Critique – Apace Peloton Jersey

by Jacquelyn Herbert


Apace is a kit brand founded in 2012 in India, with a broad range of gear for cycling, running and triathlon. With an in-house design team, purpose-made fabrics, customized color palette, and a wide range of products, apace offers performance wear that does not break the bank. Functionality is key for good performance apparel, and apace design revolves around functionality. The well-designed and purpose-made apparel will satisfy the elite athlete, as well as the weekend warrior. 

The Peleton jersey is a club fit jersey in two colorways available on the Apace website. The material is a polyester knit fabric that is lightweight and quick wicking, and it is a great fit for a cloudy morning or a hot, sunny day. It’s breathable and lightweight but I found the zipper less than desirable. It tended to clump rather than just lay flat. You can see the bumps from the side and front, above.

However, the low collar and sleeve length were comfortable and didn’t irritate skin and the length of the jersey hit at just the right spot at the hip.


The back pockets were a little frustrating, too. There are only two where they could have fit three, in my opinion. The jersey tended to pull across the back a bit differently than other jerseys do because of the two small pockets. It was great across the shoulder blades but too loose around the upper waist only to pull slightly too tightly across the hip point. Perhaps if you’re looking for a more fitted appearance it might not bother you, but for me, it’s all about being able to fit more snacks. Not enough snack pockets. Also, my bike wallet wouldn’t fit either which created a bit of a problem as well. I’d rather have two wider pockets or two wide and one small — when you have more space on your back, you use it!

Besides the zipper and the pockets though I LOVED the colors and the sleeve length. The design wasn’t too busy and let the smaller touches stand out in a good way.


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