The Domestique Critique – Fat Lad at the Back Lasses Purple Petal Jersey

by Josie Lynn Lanuzalasses-ss-petal-purple-cycling-jersey-front_copy_3

Fat Lad/Lass at the Back debuted as a kit brand in 2013 with a focus on a fit for all bodies on bikes. In fact, Fat Lass at the Back put the curve in women’s kit – their kit comes with boobs, hips and waists because women do! They have put thousands of hours of research into the ways women lay down to ensure a fit that is perfect for any body.

Everyone on a bike deserves well-fitting kit and Fat Lass filled the lack of cycling clothing on the market for larger sizes.


I’m always more self conscious when I try new jerseys or bibs out for a ride, but I’m guessing that’s most people. My trouble with lots of the gear out there is that they could be too tight and make me even more self-conscious of my “trouble” areas.

The Petals jersey is more of a relaxed fit. I wasn’t squeezing into it like I do in some of my other kits. It hugged my arms lightly, and wasn’t too tight or too loose in my chest and waist areas. This jersey also included a light adhesive strip on the bottom hem to keep from riding up. It’s super light with a nice soft fabric on the inside and out. The design is simple: a blue/purple floral pattern on the upper back and crawling towards your shoulders and chest area, and an accent of floral on the middle pocket.


I was hoping to take this out on a sunnier day, but I was in the SF bay area and most days, Karl (the fog) will likely keep you company when you’re out and about. It was one of those days. I headed up to Marin headlands for the first time, and though it was overcast, I thought it was perfect. After all, it was maybe a cool 65F degrees – nothing extreme (Thank you, California).

I brought a light jacket with me and wore it until we started climbing. I always heat up really quickly, so I took a pit stop and easily stuffed it into one of my back pockets along with my phone, banana, and keys. There’s a zipper on the right pocket, so you can keep your smaller valuables safe from falling out. It’s also lined with a reflective strip, so even though the jersey is mostly black that reflective accent helps.


The jersey is thin and airy enough to enjoy a much more sunny day, but I rather enjoyed the grey skies too. It felt like I was wearing a light t-shirt, and that’s not a bad thing! I’m not too concerned about being aero, and if you’re looking for something more casual – I feel like this may be it.


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