The Domestique Critique – Velocio Signature Jersey


Y’ALL. I have found the holy grail of cycling jerseys!

I have said it before but I will say it to you again that I have long loved Velocio for the quality and fit of their kit. This Signature Jersey just solidified my heart eyes for this brand.

Maybe you’ve felt like you don’t connect to the bodies you see modeling kit all over Instagram. Neither do I. I don’t deserve any less because I don’t wear an XS. I have even seen Velocio straying toward only modeling on former racers and thin body types. But I had the chance to try to Signature Jersey, their first high quality jersey cut for comfort rather than racing. I don’t know about you, but I just want an excellent value for my money that can hold up to riding as many or as few miles, as fast or as slow, as I want to ride. And of course, I want a jersey that looks good on me and I feel good wearing on my rides.

Let me introduce you to my new love, the Signature jersey.

Photo Apr 21, 3 25 36 PM

I tested a size small in the Petrol color, which is a deep, inky teal. My favorite thing of Velocio is the richness of their colors and  Their kit retains their color even when stretched, especially grateful for that in the chest and hips areas.

I also tried a size medium in the Beet color, and for a while I waffled between the two, but you can see in the waist (pictured above) and back pockets (pictured below) that the small was absolutely perfect. For reference, I’m a 36 bust and 30 waist.

I personally am liking the long sleeves on jerseys of late, and I appreciate that these aren’t so long that it makes shorter arms bend on the end seams. And I’ll admit that I was worried about a band at the end of sleeve, but it’s absolutely no constricting at all, it lays flat and it never makes me feel like I’ve got sausage arms.

The best part about this jersey is the fit. It flatters my body and smoothes over everything without ever being too tight anywhere. It stretches over my upper arms without constricting. It lays over my sports bra perfectly without clinging. It hits at the hip just so, and never rides up. The mid-weight fabric has such a softness to it, always feels cool to the touch even in the heat of mid-day, and a sheen that makes this deep hue even prettier without screaming “spandex!”

Photo Apr 21, 3 31 06 PM

The jersey comes with Velocio’s standard three, deep pockets and water-resistant side pocket (love the contrast zipper!). Also standard are reflective tabs on the sleeves, the zipper “garages,” and the CamLock zipper. If you don’t know the reason why people tout the YYK zipper, let me explain. Lift the pull, zipper down, then lay it flat to lock it in place. No tug or pull will make it move from its place so you never have to worry about showing more than you planned


I have given high marks for every Velocio product I have tried, but the Signature Jersey takes the cake. The colors are stunning, the fit is beyond comfortable, and it never compromises on quality. I feel like I can put on this jersey and not worry about a place it might not fit right. It’s right as soon as I put it on, and I feel my best in this jersey.

Photo Apr 21, 3 32 04 PM


Full disclosure: I received the kit reviewed in this post free of charge. The decision to write this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own. This is not a sponsored post. Thanks as always for reading!

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