MVP Pant from Machines for Freedom

Machines for Freedom released a new, innovative bib pant for cycling. Like a sport legging but cycling-specific and womens-specific. I am going to save my pennies and buy a pair to review soon!

Words by Jenn Hannon of Machines for Freedom

Images by Tracy Chandler

Up until this point Machines had only developed our Endurance Kit, intended for long sunny days and warm summer rides.  For this week-long adventure we would undoubtedly need to cover our arms and our legs, but with what?  Simple black arm and leg warmers were the obvious solution, but neither of us are huge fans of these accessories.  For me, leg warmers and cycling is the equivalent of the shy boy at school who is forced to wear a Speedo on his high school school swim team.  It’s a necessary evil; one that he copes with by sporting tear-away pants that can be ripped from his body moments before stepping on to the starting block.  The goal: to keep public displays to an absolute minimum.  My strategy was to minimize the amount of unknowns.  Work with what we already had.  Build upon our existing bib short design.  Use the same fabrics and chamois.  Add legs.  Add some ventilation in the back to keep us from overheating and negate the need for a “convertible” option like warmers.  The result: a pant that not only got us through that trip, but also became my go-to bib for transitional seasons back home.  And when you think about it, the hottest points of Summer and the coldest points of winter aren’t the norm, especially if you live outside of Southern California. The other 10 months out of the year are transitional.

Source: MVP // From The Beginning — Pretty Damned Fast

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