The Domestique Critique: Dotout

I first came to know Dotout at Interbike in Las Vegas. I had seen their Instagram but there is no denying that touching a fabric is far superior to staring at a screen wondering if it would look right on you.

Dotout is a fairly new brand on the market, coming out of Italy. They are hard to find, giving an illusion of exclusivity, but I assure they want you to enjoy their product and will offer great customer service no matter where you are located. Despite being a young brand, they work hard at offering a complete collection of kit and accessories using high-end materials with a chic, stylish design.

The motto of DotOut is “back in two hours.” The meaning is to stop what your doing, take a break (Dot) and get out and ride (Out). They want you to be happy on the bike and off.

The women’s collection included long sleeve jerseys, short sleeve jerseys and some of the most attractive sleeveless jerseys I’ve seen. They also have bibs, gloves, helmets, socks, and sunglasses. I am test riding the Elite W jersey in black/pink.

First impression was total softness. It was like putting on a luxurious silk shirt, and the inky black with the heathered pink sleeves is a nice contrast. It wears like your favorite t-shirt, complete with a v-neck collar. I am wearing a size Small. The jersey is so stretchy and soft that it can almost fit several size variations at once.

The collar was also soft, and you barely felt it on your skin. The zipper is very high quality, doesn’t ripple the material and it locks down or up, staying put exactly where you leave it. It looks large in the photo but it’s just the right size to quickly find with your fingers.

I don’t have the smallest arms so I appreciate a sleeve with less or no irritating elastic or grips. These sleeves stay perfectly in place with zero issue. That logo is the only one on the whole jersey.

The grip around the bottom hem is very light and features the Dotout logo (only seen when you flip it). Unfortunately, the hem didn’t stay down for me and crept up and under the rear pockets every single time. However, this photo also shows you the nice touch added to the bottom of the zipper – an extra soft flap of material so the end of the zipper doesn’t get caught against your bibs or dig into your skin when in the riding position.

The jersey has three rear pockets with ample room in each. I have some complaint with the pockets on this jersey when stuffing them full of my regulars – cell phone wallet (jerseybin), snacks, spare tube and pump – the soft material of the jersey didn’t support the weight and the pockets dragged down in the back and over the hemline hidden under. Without structure, it wasn’t easy to add or remove things from the pockets on the go, it’s almost like my hand got lost in a pocket. The jersey would come up when my hand pulled something out so it’s like you need two hands to maneuver it. But this area also has one of the best features on a jersey – a completely reflective pocket. This is so great when I ride in traffic because the pocket is on the same side as the cars in the U.S. (Sorry, Europe!)


DotOut is a brand that blends luxury and sophisticated style at an affordable price. The softness and comfort can’t be beat, and the added bonus of a reflective pocket makes this jersey fun and functional.

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