The Domestique Critique: RedWhite The Bib UPDATED REVIEW

In June, I reviewed a pair of bibshorts from RedWhite that I purchased myself. I liked them but found a few things like fit and chamois to be less than I expected. I also wrote about how responsive the brand’s found, Yuva, was when I emailed and asked about sizing. I was between a Medium and a Large and decided to buy a Large. Rarely am I a Medium in bibshorts and I feared the dreaded sausage leg. Yuva kindly offered to send me a Medium after my review and suggested that may be at the center of my issues with the bibshort. How could I not give it a try? Hey, a good return policy is a reason to be positive about a brand, as I’ve found out in this case.

The Medium size was immediately more compressive than the Large and I knew at that moment it was a better fit. It wasn’t a stiff compression, but a tighter hug that brought the chamois closer in contact. When riding, this key change eliminated the chafing I suffered with the larger size. With a snug fit, the chamois didn’t move around making my riding more comfortable.

I still love the wide, comfortable leg band and I was pleased that the smaller size didn’t squeeze. And I didn’t find any problem with the upper body mesh straps when changing to a smaller size. I didn’t feel at all they shrunk the upper in proportion.

For an endurance bib, I could have used more cushion in the chamois, and was reminded of that after a certain ride length every time. These bibs are best for those riders who believe less is more and shop accordingly.

Best of all, the customer service was incredibly helpful. You don’t expect such rapid, personalized response with a brand selling across the globe. But in this case, it was a lifesaver not to discard a pair of bibshorts and my money with it. Thanks, Yuva!


Full disclosure: I received the kit reviewed in this post free of charge. The decision to write this review and all opinions expressed are 100% my own. This is not a sponsored post. Thanks as always for reading!


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