Sockturday: Acht Supply

ACHT_LOGO-symAcht Supply is an Italian tech wear company making strong design prepared to ride. The beauty of Acht Supply, and why I am drawn to their products so much, is the simplicity of the graphic design in combination with the color choices. It’s a designer’s dream, really. A kind of “Why didn’t I think of that?!” moment that makes you think designing for cycling is so easy. It isn’t. These socks blend with your kit without overpowering your kit, if you know what I mean. But the design conveys style and strength, complimentary to your cycling lifestyle. Here’s what they said in their own words.

What is your favorite Acht Supply sock/shoe combo? 

We don’t have a specific sock/shoe combo, there are many amazing shoe brands out there and we love to see our products paired in the most original ways by our customers and fans all over the world!

5-5-2016 3-38-50 PM

How did Acht Supply begin as a company? 

Acht Supply started from my willingness to combine my passion for cycling (and sports in general) and technical apparel; in 2012 we started making socks and apparel for us and our friends, and then it became a full-time job.

5-5-2016 3-34-40 PM

 Do you adhere to the height rules or answer demand instead?

As regards socks height, we follow our own rules: in our opinion, the perfect height is never above the calf or below the ankle.

Do you make your own socks or do you use another company to manufacture your designs?

Acht Supply socks are entirely made by us and 100% made in Italy: from the first idea to the distribution and selling, passing through design, development and manufacturing.

5-5-2016 3-38-12 PM

Why do you think cycling socks are so much fun to wear/design?

In Italy, socks are often an underestimated cycling accessory, but we feel they can really make a statement and we love to express our creativity in designing our products. However, we always combine aesthetics with comfort and performances, since we consider socks as one of the most important technical elements of a cycling kit.

5-5-2016 3-32-53 PM

Why do you not offer a women’s sock different from a men’s? Oftentimes, especially for smaller footed women the design is off when worn and there may be rubbing inside a shoe from seams that are not quite right.

Thanks to the quality of our yarns, all Acht Supply models are conceived to guarantee the best fit to both women and men. Furthermore, we also offer customized socks for teams, and in order to deliver the best result to our clients, we develop our products and sizes according to their specific needs.

5-5-2016 3-37-34 PM

Do you consider mixed materials in your socks for specific purposes – warmer weather, cooler weather, wet weather, road versus CX, etc? Do materials make a beneficial difference to athletes?

Materials are the most crucial element we take into consideration when designing socks: each material is suitable for a different objective and functionality. That’s why we pay the utmost attention to choosing the best materials available, because we know they will make a difference for anyone wearing our socks. For example, our Reflective Socks, which we just launched this winter, have been specifically designed with technical yarn and Merino wool to guarantee thermoregulation, breathability, and maximum comfort.

What is your design inspiration? Any meaning behind your designs and patterns?

I like to say that we never leave anything to chance, especially regarding designs and patterns: each of our patterns has a special meaning.

5-5-2016 3-34-05 PM

Anything we can look forward to in 2016?

In 2016 we aim to expand our business not only in Italy (where we are based) and Europe, but also overseas. We will continue to research and test new materials and models, but also have many projects underway in the field of cycling apparel.


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